A Shocking Revelation in the Future of Electricity and the IoT

Internet-of-Things Crash Course

Before we dive into an electricity-specific use of the internet-of-things (IoT), let’s learn a little bit more about it.

What is it?

The IoT is essential the communication of devices. Much like how humans connect over the internet, “things” like your refrigerator or garage door can “communicate” via information and algorithms.

How does it work?

The best way to explain how the internet-of-things works is to use an example.

Applying the IoT to Home Electricity

Now, to electricity. Everyone wants to pay a lower power bill. Everyone wants to use their energy as efficiently as possible. But beyond money, people need to use the greenest electricity they can to make way for a better and stronger future.

Part One: Electricity Source

As far as the price of actual electricity goes, typical energy systems (by typical I mean the way you recieve your energy now, most likely coal or natural gas) have money-sucking time of use (TOU) policies. Plus, solar energy systems usually only have certain times of day when they work super well. To create an electrical system that takes advantage of cheap energy, we need to look at the cost/time relation and efficiency relation of both.

Part Two: Appliances

The actual appliances using electricity are also very expensive to keep running for long periods of time.

The Growing Importance of This Development

An IoT system that takes into consideration the consumer and the environment is essential to moving forward in energy. A movement to systems like these benefit the consumers, the environment, and the future.

Saving Money

Alright, let’s get some quick math in. So take how much you pay for electricity and divide it by two. Then $13,000 upfront for your solar panels, unless you need a loan (however I do not have enough brain power to calculate everyone’s individual loan and how long it will take for them to pay off their systems).

Aiding the Planet

Limiting the use of electricity not only helps people’s pockets but also the world as a whole. Let’s say that this system, which is solar panel dependent and puts devices on low power modes, cuts each home’s use of typical electricity in half.

Making a Green Transition

Starting with a small step to greener energy sources is key to fully transitioning to green energy on a mass scale. People can only adapt to a system if it adapts to them. Utilizing the internet of things is a perfect way to integrate technologies we already use into a modern problem with a limited time frame for change.

Before You Go!!

Thank you for getting all the way through this, it means a ton to me! If you’re interested in solar panels, the IoT, or anything techy make sure to follow me on here, LinkedIn, and Youtube! Not to mention, I finally have a personal website! Check it out for my previous work AND to subscribe to my newsletter!



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